Professor Oak

"Those who say it can't be done are being passed by those doing it."

One of the world's leading authorities in Pokemon, Professor Oak lives here in Pallet and was the one who began Ash on his journey. He gave Ash his starter Pokemon - Pikachu - some Pokeballs and a Pokedex. He appeared on television speaking to Pallet about the three Pokemon available.

Oak doesn't take sides on the rivalry between his grandson and Ash. Occasionally he's shown on the show receiving one of Ash's Pokemon (a Pokemon trainer can only carry six Pokemon at a time; after that, all Pokemon caught go to wherever the trainer got their Pokedex) or being called by Ash who is informing him of his progress.

He doesn't seem to have much faith in Ash in the beginning.

Professor Oak seems to be very nice and obviously intelligent, although a little scatterbrained at times. In the game, it's rather funny. He says things like "This is my grandson... what was his name again?"

His whole day and schedule is focused around Pokemon. He has a huge property, like a giant farm or ranch, where all the Pokemon he keeps for people stay, and he feeds them all, treats them all, keeps an eye on them all and manages to know them all. Ash's Krabby is one of his favourites, and Ash's Muk is also very affectionate to him.

In the Pokemon game, Oak is also a nice guy. He warns you about going where dangerous wild Pokemon are, he gives you one of his three remaining Pokemon. He has three Pokemon left from the days long ago when he was an avid Pokemon trainer. (If he was an avid Pokemon trainer, why are his three leftover Pokemon only at level 5?! ^_^.)

One of the trainers you will face, Agatha, knew Oak when he was younger. She says that 'that old duff' used to be tough and handsome, decades ago, but now he just spends time fooling around with his invention the Pokedex. ^_^.

Oak's Japanese name is Ookido. I've seen about five different spellings of this. Orchid, Oochido, Oak, it's the same person.

Oak's voice sample - click here to hear what he sounds like. "Hahaha, it's been quite a while since Ash sent me a new Pokemon."

My thoughts on Professor Oak: He's a bit of an idiot. He doesn't know anything about poetry, but in a way, his comment about how 'one can't write a good poem without rhyme, and Ash can't be a good trainer without catching more Pokemon' is interesting, because neither of those statements is true. He's a cool guy though.

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